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Stacking units

Stacking units in press line direction

Stacking unit in press line direction

The unit illustrated is used to destack blanks in the direction of the press line. The unit consists of three components: loading conveyor, scissor lift table and destacking table, and is only suitable for structural parts. Depending on customer requirements, it is possible to implement single or multiple stacking as well as separation for two-out parts in the stacking mask. In order to transfer the stack of blanks from the scissor lift table to the stacking table, the blanking press is paused until the scissor lift table has once more reached its final upper position. It is not possible to operate the press continuously. The stack of blanks is removed from the stacking table.

Max. stack weight5000 kg
Max. stack height450 mm
Max. blank size (LxW)1800 x 1700 mm
Min. blank size (LxW)160 x 320 mm
Hold time for stack change40 s

Lateral stacking unit

Lateral stacking unit

This unit is used to automatically destack blanks for structural components laterally to the press line. Destacking is performed to two consecutively arranged stacking locations. The unit can be used in front of or behind the press. It consists of an upstream conveyor and two traveling scissor lift tables. A second, swivel-mounted conveyor is used to switch between the stacking columns. Depending on the time required for the removal cycle, it is possible to achieve continuous operation without halting the press to remove stacked items by making use of the stack height, plate thickness and number of lifts.

Max. stack weight5000 kg
Max. stack height500 mm
Max. blank size (LxW)1450 x 500 mm
Min. blank size (LxW)350 x 250 mm


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