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Thinking about vocational training in 2019!

vocational training

Regularly Anchor Lamina offers vocational training programm as CNC mill operators and tool makers. We always try to offer permanent employment on successful completion of the final exams.

For the year 2019, we still have vacancies to fill. So apply now and take your chance for a successful start of your career!

CNC mill operator

In many areas of daily life, components that are manufactured on CNC-machine are used. The task of the machine operator is, to ensure the equitable production of products from e.g. Metal by milling, turning or grinding. The creation of the CNC program and the selection of optimal tool parameters are just as much part of the work as the checking of the dimensions and the machine maintenance. You will receive instructions in the company from experienced machine operators who pass on their knowledge to you.

Tool maker

In the design of various products, e.g. Passenger cars, special attention is paid to the design and functionality. The equipment required for the production of individual vehicle components are called tools. Depending on the component size and function, these are subdivided into various types such as the transfer or the progressive compound process. The profession of toolmaker is still a crafting profession today, despite high precision in the manufacture of tool components by CNC machines. It requires a high degree of thoroughness and tact. It is not for nothing that he is referred to as the watchmaker of forming technology. His tasks are the implementation and adaptation of tool designs to achieve the desired component geometries and accuracies. To aid in assembly, CAD applications are available for improved illustration of the internal tooling design. For individual adjustments, the toolmaker must be trained in handling CNC machines.

Please follow the Video Link to CNC machine operator vocational training programm

Please follow the Video Link to tool maker vocational training programm

At the same time, Anchor Lamina is a training and cooperation partner of Glauchau University of Cooperative Education. Students studying “Industrial Production” can spend their practical semester at Anchor Lamina and will also be offered permanent employment on successful completion of their degree.

If you are interested in joining our team as colleague, intern, student or apprentice, please feel free to send us your general application.