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MDL Anchor Lamina GmbH
Michel Lemouche
Tuchschererstraße 8
09116 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 842450
Fax: +49 371 243506-50

Clamping devices

The production of clamping devices of various constructions and for different purposes is one of our everyday activities.

They include products such as clamping plates for press beds, press rams or for attaching tools, as well as the production of clamping towers and brackets for your specific clamping needs.

Whether as a flame cut, cast construction or weld construction, with customer-specified drilling, colouration, support elements or assembly elements, we supply you with a product from a single source that simplifies your processes.

Manufacturing of Clamping Items

Source: https://en.anchor-lamina.de/Clamping_devices

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