Anchor Lamina GmbH
Matthias Wahl
An der Wiesenmühle 19
09224 Chemnitz, OT Grüna

Phone: +49 371 842450
Fax: +49 371 8424550

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Selection of Production Technologies

Our entire production process:

Custom Manufacturing

Regardless of whether one-off items or small series, we manufacture for you products made of various steel, cast iron and aluminium qualities. In multi-shift operations we machine according to your specific requirements or according to our proposals. The products are manufactured in the following steps. Once the order is entered in our system, we clarify any last details relating to production with the customer, and this information is incorporated into the individual steps of work scheduling and programming. After the CNC programs have been prepared, the production process for the commissioned work commences. This may involve pre-cutting the material through flame cutting depending on the type of material used. The production of welded assemblies may also involve stress relief, sand-blasting and painting following welding. Further process steps may involve plane machining, gun drilling, surface grinding or even complete processing including assembly. Before shipment all items are undergo through quality control by our employees.

Overview of our Machinery


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