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Installation of the taping units - "by ROSSPEED"

Installation of the unit into the tool

In the major case, by tapping up to bottom, the unit is fixed on the lower shoe, on an additional plate.
The locating is assumed by two holes for shoulder bolts, located on the front fixation kit, who are locating and maintaining the unit and also two locking bars at the rear of the unit, on the lower shoe are locking the unit.

  • A ball or indexing axis (regarding the unit version) are assuming an accurate locating
  • An indexing lever gives the correct locking position.
Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Installation 2

installation options

Our tapping unit "by ROSSPEED" could be set in the die by three ways:

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Einbauvariant 1

Option 2  - Set-up on a mobile support

In case of very large strip lift, last approach in case of deep protrusion to reach the hole to tap, the indirect grooved transmission ROSSPEED allows to mount the unit on a mobile support or mobile bridge.

This mounting is dedicated to the large target speed you would like to reach. Usually, this mounting is made in order to use the most as possible the press cycle degrees to operate the tapping.

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Einbauvariant 3
Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Installation summary


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