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Swing Unit series

Schieber Swing Cam

Product features

With the patented Swing Unit Series KBRSU, Anchor Lamina offers for the first time a standardized product under the brand name Swing Unit in this segment.

The KBRSU series is a rotation axising system that allows to swing the tool inserts and thus also vertical take out the stamping part from the die, which is otherwise not possible due to their shape.

The rotational movement takes place by means of a pneumatic cylinder. So far, most toolmakers have been forced to develop this complex design themselves.

With the swing unit, the designer can now rely on a standard product, saving valuable design time and reducing costs. Due to the standardized structure, the maintenance is simplified.

Swing Unit- 2
Swing Unit Aufbau


The structure of the swing unit is characterized by a compact design with a very high rigidity.

The picture shows the general structure of the swing unit.

It consists of a body, driver, swing slide - the actual active part, the tooling and an application-specific driver.

The radius of the locating surface is 220mm.

The available angle rotation axis is 5 °, 9 ° and 12 °.

Available width from 400mm to 1,400mm (in 200mm increments).


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