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Hydraulic Motors


The hydraulic motor of Anchor Lamina has the task to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical work.

The unusual small size of our Anchor Lamina hydraulic motors makes them an ideal choice for many applications, such as:

  • Agriculture and forestry
    (Rope winches, conveyor systems, rape cutters)
  • Sawmills
    (Wood spindles, saws, blowers)
  • Cranes and means of transport
    (Drum drive, sweepers, vacuum cleaner)
  • Printing machines
    (Pressure roller cleaning)
  • Shuttle drives and other ...

Catalog hydraulic motors

Short Shaft Flange Mount

  • order motor with size by suffix - F
  • with mounting flange


  • A-25 F / A-37 F / A-50 F
  • A-62 F / A-100 F/ A-125 F

Pedestal Foot Mount

Pedestal Foot Mount

  • order motor with size by suffix - FM
  • with mounting flange


  • A-25 FM / A-37 FM / A-50 FM
  • A-62 FM / A-100 FM / A-125 FM

Long Shaft Flange Mount

  • order motor with size by suffix - FMO
  • with mounting flange


  • A-25 FMO / A-37 FMO / A-50 FMO
  • A-62 FMO / A-100 FMO / A-125 FMO

For direct bolt mounting, the motor flange has four thru-holes evenly spaced on a five-hole pattern. The motors are of similar ultra-compact design.

Lamina hydraulic motors have a "letter - number - letter" design that indicates the type of the motor size of the gerotor and the mounting method required.

When selecting the hydraulic motor, it is important to note that the torque of the motor and the rpm must be sufficient to meet the requirements of the application.

Faca cap - without flange
Faca cap - without flange


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