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Box Cam series

Cam Selection Matrix

Schieberauswahlmatrix Box Cams

Maximum Power Cam

Maximum Power Cam

Long Travel Box Cams

Long Travel Box Cams

LRD Cams

Long Reaching Die mount cams

The Long Reaching Die Mount Cam is designed to provide maximum clearance for material movement while optimizing the preferred kinematicas associated with Standard Die Mount Cams.

The LRD Cams provides a sound alternative to the use of low angle aerial cams in transfer press operations and is part of our next generation of automotive and large cams.

  • 110mm slide travel allows unencumbered travel over part flanges
  • Quick slide removal with top access keeper plate
  • Side wear strip on slide for extra lubrication and ease of maintance
  • Reduce noise and wear with the optional accelerator (150 and 200 wide cams)
  • Long lasting Aluminium-Bronze Wear Plates against hardened steel surfaces
  • Maintenance-fee, self-lubrication components
  • Optional, longer slide adds 35mm to reach
  • Urethane bumper to cushion return
  • ISO nitrogen cylinder with no pre-load
  • Ease of setup with slide lockout capabillity
  • Rear spring access for ease of maintenance


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