Anchor Lamina GmbH
Jan Schiefer
An der Wiesenmühle 19
09224 Chemnitz, OT Grüna

Phone: +49 371 842450
Fax: +49 371 243506-50

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Anchor Lamina GmbH offers a wide range of different elastomers for tooling standards.

These include various urethane plates, -buffers, -rings, -rods, -springs, -scrapers,  -buffer sets and stroke limiters.

In addition, various Formathane and Marsh Mellow springs range our portfolio.

Formathane springs

Übersicht Formathane grau

Marsh Mellows

Übersicht Marsh-Mallows
Einbaubeispiel 2 - Formathane

example 2


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