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Roller Cam sereis

RollerCam - order example

Product features

  • designed to function at one million hits plus
  • Maintenance-free Aluminium-Bronze alloy wear surface
  • Maximum mounting surface on slide face
  • Increased slide surfaces
  • Interlocking safety sytems
  • esay access to Return spring
  • Tooling mount late is readily accessible from the back, without disassembling the slide

LRCD Roller Cams - with driver

LRCD RollerCam

RollerCams - angles

RollerCam Winkel
RollerCam Gasdruckfedern

Nitrogen Gas Spring application specifications

Dadco and Kaller springs are not interchargeable within the RollerCam. Spring lenght is an important consideration when replacement is needed.

We recommend replacement with the original spring brand. Other brands of nitrogen springs may be requested but will be treated as a special.

RollerCam tabe nitro spring


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