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Michel Lemouche
Tuchschererstraße 8
09116 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 842450
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Guide elements

We offer sliding guide elements in accordance with DIN/ISO, VDI AFNOR, NAAM, JIS, and CNOMO. Contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with references in the field of sliding guide elements and advise you on our products.

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Guide posts and bushings

NAAMS - Serie


FORD - Serie

FORD Serie

VDI - Serie

VDI - Serie

Lamina - Serie

LaminA - Serie

IEM - Serie metric

IEM - Serie metrisch

IEM - Serie inch

IEM - Serie zoll

wear plates and Cam Gib plates

NAAMS - wearplate series

Gleitplatten NAAMS Serie

VDI - wearplate series

Gleitplatten VDI Serie

Cam Gib Plates


JIS V Type wear pleates

JIS Prismenführung

Cam positive return plates

Gleitplatte Schieberrückführung

Steel Oil Groove wear plate

Führungsleiste Stahl

Self-lubrication L-Gib



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