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mechanical In Die Tapping Units "by IEM" - LP25M6 & LP516M8

The LP is the most versatile IEM tapping tool with a compact design for tapping in any direction. The LP utilizes a cam driver to control tool acceleration and tap speeds. The LP25M6 will tap sizes M6 and the LP516M8 will tap M8 while making either right or left-hand threads. The LP typically runs at production rates between 20–60 strokes per minute (SPM).

Part Number: R-001004 /LP25M6 und R-001009 /LP516M8


LP - series

LP mit Kurvenscheibe

LP with Cam Driver

The maximum SPM is based on strip material, tap size and pitch. The cam driver is designed as a separate piece to maximize die design flexibility and transfer the mechanical press motion to a rotary tapping motion.

The cam driver mounts easily on a punch plate on the upper die shoe above the tapping unit to provide the proper amount of tap acceleration and a positive return. The cam driver is application-specific; contact your IEM sales representative for design assistance.

LP Einbaumaße oben

LP mounting dimensions


  • the LP25M6 and LP516M8 tapping tools can be used in mechanical and hydraulic presses
  • Mounting dimensions are identical for both units
  • Maximum tapping depth / material thickness data can be found on the table
  • Dowel pin holes are ± 0.025.

LP - Extensions

Some applications require a wide strip width incorporating a tapped hole away from the edge of the material. The LP integrates modular extensions with a standard LP tool to provide fl exibility in design and off-the-shelf type components.

  • Standard Cam Extension provides over 225mm of extra length
  • Extra Long Extension provides over 480mm.

All components are made from the best materials for maximum life and performance.

LP Verlängerungen Extra Lang

LP extensions Extra long


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