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mechanical In Die Tapping Units "by ROSSPEED"


The following functions and advantages are realized for the first time by the In Die Tapping Unit:

  • an easy and cheap Die Set-up
  • a reduced unit size
  • an easy spindle interchangeable
  • an adaptable changeable ratio gear box
  • friendly use easy manipulation and user friendly thanks to an easy maintenance
Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Schmierverteiler

Lubrication of the unit

Tap holder spindle with MDS-Technology

The template gear is made with the most accurate materials as brass and steel that concede a perfect friction control and the overheating decreasing. It has a grooved driving to assume an accurate power transmission and to insure an accurate spindle sliding. There are no removal additional component on the tap holder spindle in order to keep the maintenance easier for the wearing components.

Very good efficiency on the axial tapping force thanks to the unit concept.

  • Type AL-RMS 10 :
    Shank diameter Tap holder clearance Ø 6.5mm max. (from M2 to M6)
  • Type AL-RMS 15 :
    Shank diameter Tap holder clearance Ø 10 mm max. (from M5 to M12)

MDS technology

MDS: Synchronization of the downward movement of the tapping former with the downward movement of the strip.

In the stamping die, the strip lift does exist. It allows the collets clearings from the matrix and does assume the correct strip progression. While the tapping occurs, the tap must follow the strip lift movement downwards and upwards. The Rosspeed spindles equipped with the MDS keep the movement going thanks to the specific grooved synchronized template gear. As soon as the stripper is on the strip, it activates 4 pushers located on the tapping head. These pushers activate the template gear spindle simultaneously with the trip. The tap is then working in the accurate conditions.

Allows to the Toolmaker :

  • Gain in the die design (less parts to design)
  • Easier tools unit integration ( less parts in movement)
  • Lower space at the tapping operation, then gain on the die price..
  • Cheaper price for the tapping operation set-up timing
  • Obtaining an accurate tapping

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Überlastungsschutz

Safety Torque System

The safety torque management ROSSPEED is included in unit.

Its function is to avoid having any component breaking, any taps and any die alteration.

Placed between the tap holder spindle and the power transmission, retractable in case of overloading.

To reset the unit, a simple lever has to be rotated to reset the full transmission.

This lever is still available even with a closed die. Then, you keep the possibility to clutch manually the spindle and so, the tap, at the TDC. The backup to the TDC will allows the tap unscrewing. The backup and the press stop would be allowing to unblocking the tap in the stock. Also, the unit could be removed from the die without stock alteration.

The torque management is proper for each application. It depends dramatically on the tapping torque. To determine the above point, it is necessary to have some testes before running the die in production. The torque is variable and depends on:

  • The tap Ø
  • The kind of material
  • The pre hole Ø
  • The lubrication
  • The press target speed.

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