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mechanical In Die Tapping Units "by IEM"

With our In - Die Tapping Units from Anchor Lamina you can realize the highest quality tappings directly in the punching and bending process.

Depending on the application and requirements, different versions are available for this purpose:

Anchor Lamina In - Die Tapping units "by IEM" can be used for various tapping sizes as the pitch insert and the cam plate can be quickly and easily exchanged.

Click here for the replacement parts and accessories.

In-Die Tapping provides the following Advantages and Benefits:

  • Elimination of secondary and off-line tapping operations
  • form and tap in the same operation
  • Cam-operated ME tapping units designed to optimize performance in a variety of mechanical presses
  • Compact size, low profile LP tapping unit with no limitations on tapping angle - tap up, down or at any angle through 360°
  • Provides misfeed protection against a no-hole condition
  • Cold formed tapping results in quality higher strength threads
  • Easy to move from one die to another

Maximum Tapping Depth / Material Thickness

             (table follows)

Maximum material thickness includes extrusion height and 0.5mm gap between the tip of the tap and the top of the material stock.

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