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mechanical In Die Tapping Units "by IEM" - Replacement Parts

Pitch inserts

Pitch inserts are interchangeable components of the tapping operation and are specific to the tap pitch of the tapped hole. Each pitch insert contains a tap holder with a quick release depression collar. Taps can be changed quickly in most applications. For applications inside an embossment, a pitch insert extension can be developed.

Steigungseinsatz Einzelteile

pitch insert single parts

  • set tap holder (R-004015)
  • set tap former
Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED table pitch insert

Pitch insert for non-standard sizes or pitches are available.

Gewindeformer - Set

Set Forming tap 12 pcs

Forming Taps

The special forming taps used in the in-die taping units are available in metric stan-dard sizes. All forming taps are sold with a TiN coating as standard. Other coatings for special material applications are available on request. Forming taps provide a superior quality and fi nish of thread, with no chip formation.

Gewindeformer IEM table forming tap

1 Tap diameter shank size application:     

  • Small - M2–M5 diameter taps: use in HY1024, ME1024, LP25M6
  • Medium - M6 diameter taps: use in LP25M6
  • Large - M6-M8 diameter taps: use in LP516M8


The IEM special lubricants must be used to lubricate the IEM thread forming units.

Schmierset für Gewindeeinheiten

Lubricant set for ME / HY and LP

  • R-003001 and R-003002

LP lubricant set R-003002

  • Is used in combination with the lubricant set R - 003001 to expand LP units
  • Includes:
    • Plastic connector
    • 1/8 "clutch

For a long service life of the IEM tapping units, the manufacturer recommends the use of the lubricants according to the lubrication plans. Order the lubrication sets with the order numbers listed above.

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