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functional sequence - "by ROSSPEED"

The functional sequence is shown on the example of device set-up with a strip lift.

(mounting GM 111-2)

Step 1

The die is open and the press is at the TDC. The part is sliding between gibs in up position. Guiding support open on all the length under the part to clear the collet.

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Funktionsablauf 1_1

step 2

At the end of the feeding, the strip, in upwards position , is stopped by the feeder. The tap and the pilot are over the strip with an accurate clearance to not alter the material.

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Funktionsablauf 2

step 3

The strip is stopped and the pilot is engaged in the material. The tapping occurs when the strip is always up with the lifters

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Funktionsablauf 3_1

Step 4

The tap is engaged in the strip. The stripper is contacting the with the strip which is still up. The additional square is in contact with the strip and simultaneously with the pushers on the tapping head spindle.(MDS).

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Funktionsablauf 4_1

Step 5

The stripper goes downwards at the strip lift value to lock the strip down till the strip and the 4 pushers are continuing their synchronized movement MDS. The tap is continuing its movement downwards through the strip during the stripper travel.

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Funktionsablauf 5

Step 6

The stripper has finished its stroke, the strip is down, the stripper is collapsed and we are at the TDC. The tapping is finished.

Gewindeformeinheit ROSSPEED Funktionsablauf 6


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