MDL Anchor Lamina GmbH
Michel Lemouche
Tuchschererstraße 8
09116 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 842450
Fax: +49 371 243506-50

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MDL Anchor Lamina GmbH

MDL Anchor Lamina GmbH heas been formed by successful merger of Anchor Lamina GmbH and MDL Deutschland GmbH.

MDL Anchor Lamina GmbH is overall successor of Anchor Lamina GmbH and MDL Deutschland GmbH and takes over all existing contracts.

We are pleased to deepen current economic relations with our company, based on partnership and cooperation.

behaviour rules for visitors under corona pandemic - Visitors Risk Log

Dear Customer - Dear Visitor 

Please understand that due to the current corona pandemic, visits to Anchor Lamina should be avoided. Only urgently needed visits are possible and must be confirmed in advance by Anchor Lamina.

Please note the following rules regarding Corona when visiting Anchor Lamina:

▸ Keep distance of at least 1,5m

▸ Use the disinfectants provided and wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

▸ Please ensure that you are symptom-free before going to visit 

▸ Wear a FFP2- face mask to cover your nose and mouth 

▸ Observe individual hand hygiene and etiquette for coughing and sneezing

Please prepare Visitor Risk Log File before enter in Anchor Lamina:

Visitors Risk Log.pdf

Visitors Risk Log.docx

Thanks for understanding. 


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