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Blank conveyor devices

To output cutted blanks or big trimming scraps, the Anchor Lamina GmbH has developed and patented design of conveyor units for blanking tools.

The range of products includes magnetic rollers (blank rollers), magnetic conveyor belts, vacuum conveyor belts, guide rollers and rails as well as beading stampers for aluminum blanks.

Overview of conveyor units

  • for lathy blanks such as structural parts (B-pillar) the use of magnetic rollers is recommended
  • for large blanks such as outer skin parts, the use of conveyor belts is recommended
  • a modularization and synchronization of multiple conveyors next to each other is possible
  • we offer magnetic rollers and magnetic belts to transport ferromagnetic materials
  • by transport of non-ferromagnetic materials, we recommend the use of vacuum belts
  • for special claims to protect the surface of the blanks against damage, the general use of conveyor belts is recommended

Magnet Roller Compact PRM

Magnetroller Kompakt PRM
TypeArticle number
 PRM-300 B-40 14 32
 PRM-500 B-40 13 72
 PRM-650 B-60 18


Vacuum Belt VFB

Vakuumband VFB
TypeArticle number
 VFB-50-320  B-60 14
 VFB-50-400  B-60 17
 VFB-50-600  B-60 25
 VFB-50-800  B-60 26


Functional principles

Funktionsprinzip Platinentransporteinheit

upper end position (extended 25mm stroke)

  1. the conveyor unit is lowered while the metal strip is fed into the press and during the cutting process
  2. after cutting, the lifting device is activated by signals from the press (e.g. pneumatically) and is raised by a standard amount of 25 mm (default)
  3. the sheet metal part is grasped by the feed unit (roll/ strip) and transported away. It is possible to increase the lift length on request
  4. after the part has been removed, the conveyor unit returns to the initial position by means of its own weight, or is powered (e.g. pneumatically)
Work stroke (single-acting lift cylinder)25 mm
 Lift time (appr.) 0,1 – 0,15 s
 Operating Pressure 6 bar

Overview of drives and accessories

The synchronization of a conveyor unit and a stacking system in discontinuous operation is performed by a servo motor, which is controlled via the control of the press.

Overview of drives and accessories




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