MDL Anchor Lamina GmbH
Michel Lemouche
Tuchschererstraße 8
09116 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 842450
Fax: +49 371 243506-50

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Technology - which works for you

Anchor Lamina offers you modern and user-friendly hydraulic solutions. Our products are efficient, quiet and easy to use. This is how you work faster and more securely.

Anchor Lamina hydraulic products are found in many areas. The large product range extends from die setters through drilling units to hydraulic motors.

Anchor Lamina tool lifters are characterized by high precision and paralletity when opening large tools. They are delivered with 4 cylinders or 6 cylinders. Tool weights can be lifted up to 45t with maximum parallelism during the lifting movement.

Anchor Lamina drilling units are a portable system for drilling diameters up to 50mm in full material (100mm when a pre- hole is available) as well as for thread forming up to M48. This product  will often use in shipbuilding industry  or construction industry.

Anchor Lamina hydraulic motors in various sizes are ideally suited for your transport tasks, where high forces are required in the smallest possible space.

Our products meet the latest technical requirements and are CE-approved.


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