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mechanical In Die Tapping Units "by IEM" - HY1024

Product Features:

The HY is the smallest and most compact of the IEM tapping tools. The HY1024 is an economical solution for tapping downward in a hydraulic press. Since the HY1024 is not cam actuated, the press controls the acceleration and tap speed.

The HY1024 will tap sizes up to M5 and typically runs at production rates between 60–100 strokes per minute (SPM). The maximum SPM rate is based on strip material, tap size and tap pitch.

Part Number: R-001001

HY1024 mit Steigungseinsatz

HY1024 with pitch insert

HY 1024 hinten

HY1024 Rear view


  • Maximum tapping depth/ material thick-ness data can be found on the table

A = Bolt grip   B = Deep relief hole in push block to accomodate screw

C = Shut height  D = For 5.00mm dowel pin or #10 SHCS

HY1024 geschlossene Position

HY1024 closed position

HY1024 Einbaumaße

HY1024 installation dimensions


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